Ladies and gentlemen, I just realized I forgot to tell you all about my recent trip to Dublin. I’m not sure how that happened since I had such a good time in the capital of Ireland. I was thinking of what to do on Newyear’s Eve, which made me think of Dublin, which made me think of my two day visit in October.

So, Dublin. I had been to Dublin before. Once, back in O-Five. Long time ago. And it was pleasant to see how the city’s changed over the last nine years. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I loved it then, but I loved it even more now. Maybe because I went on this fantastic food trail (Fab Food Trails), that showed me what a culinary surprise Dublin has turned into. Of course, it has never been Europe’s most beautiful capital, but it is definitely one of the more interesting ones. Especially now they’ve regained their pride in local produce!

Anyway, Dublin has slowly turned into to somewhat of a foodie heaven. There are loads of great new restaurants, gastropubs, chocolatiers, trendy coffee and thee shops, cheese shops, bakeries and food trucks. Also barber shops, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my story. Just thought I’d mention it. If you’re in Dublin any time soon, enjoy these places: Sheridans Cheesemongers, The Pepper Pot, Cocoa Atelier, Café Joly (the brasserie of the National Gallery), Lolly and Cooks in George’s Street Arcade (Europe’s oldest and now hippest shopping center). That last one offers Irish streetfood. Or get yourself to Fallon & Byrne on Exchequer Street, a trendy food imperium in New York style, with an enormous wine bar in the cellar (watch out for the Irish wine though: it’s quite expensive and not really great).

If you want to enjoy a nice beer after you’ve stuffed your face with goodies, you – being a bearded hipster – can always go to The Bernard Shaw. If you’re not that hip, I would advise The Stag’s Head or McDaids (no music here, just talk). The most famous pubs are located on Merrion Row: O’Donoghue’s en Doheny & Nesbitts.

For hotel choices I advise you to check Venere.

(pics courtesy of Visit Dublin)

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