Christmas, the perfect time of year to start planning your next trip, isn’t it? Well, you have nothing else to do anyway. You’re not working these days, you bought all your presents, you got sick and tired of your family and your in-laws already. Perfect time to take an extremely long shit break and read all about… DALLAS! By now you’ve all been to New York plenty of times, you’ve seen San Francisco and Los Angeles, you’ve partied in Miami. And you have loved it. But you’ve never been to Dallas before. And that’s a shame. Cause Dallas is one of the.e.t’s new favorites. Here’s why:

I know ‘art’ is not your favorite word, but hear me out. The Dallas Arts district is the largest urban arts district in the United States and home to a few mindblowing museums and performance centers. Not only do they offer unique collections, the building all of this art and performances are displayed in, are just amazing. You have to realize five buildings in this district have been built by architects who have won the Pritzker Prize before, like I.M. Pei (the Louvre Pyramid, Paris) and Renzo Piano (Centre Pompidou, Paris). But my favorite museum isn’t even in this arts district. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science – also designed by a Pritzer Prize Laureate by the way – holds an incredible amount of cool stuff. I’m sorry to describe it to you in these words, but look at the pictures. DINOSAURS! (and other cool stuff)

Presidential history
Should I explain who JFK was and what happened to him? Well, probably, but I’m just not. You know: he got assassinated. By Lee Harvey Oswald. Who shot the president from this cool building which has been turned into ‘The Sixth Floor Museum’. In front of the museum, on the exact location where JFK got hit, there’s an X that marks the spot (actually, if I remember correctly, there are two X’s, for two shots). And around the corner you’ll find the JFK Memorial (which is a bit disappointing to be honest).
And there’s more presidential history in Dallas! Do you remember our buddy George W. Bush? Well, after he was done (being a terrible president) they built a Library and Museum in his name. And it’s kinda strange to say this, but it’s a must-visit! I even got a chance to sit at the situation room table (normal visitors would not be able to do this, I’m sorry guys), where the president and his staff decided to invade Iraq for instance. Here you can also visit an exact replica of the Oval Office and pretend to be the president of the US of A for a few seconds.

Dallas is quite a lively city. Actually, that’s probably an understatement. It can get wild! One of the neighborhoods that offers great nightlife is McKinney Avenue, which even has a free trolley going up and down the street. If this area is a little bit too commercial for you, you can always head over to Deep Ellum. Until recently, this area was Big D’s best impersonation of Austin, the live-music capital of the Southwest. Unfortunately, Deep Ellum has experienced a recent eruption of violence, gang-related and otherwise, so the nightlife scene here is not what it once was, though there are still a number of nightclubs and bars. Simultaneously ragged and chic, the former industrial district is home to alternative, blues, rock, and other music clubs interspersed with discos, honky-tonks, art galleries, furniture and secondhand shops, and upscale restaurants. During the day the area is dead, but at night and on weekends it gets pretty rowdy.

(I do realize these pictures don’t really scream ‘nightlife’, but they show you what Deep Ellum looks like)

In Dallas food does not revolve around burgers, chicken fried steak and barbecue sauce, although you can obviously get it there. No, Dallas has emerged as a city for foodies, offering fresh local produce, fine dining, hip restaurants. My favorites: CBD Provisions and Savor. The latter is located in the Klyde Warren Park, which is a relatively new park created on top of a highway.

(again, not really pictures of food, are they. But you know what food looks like. The Klyde Warren Park is much more interesting to show)

I don’t like shopping, so I won’t comment too much on this. All I know is that Dallas has more shopping malls than any other American city more shopping malls than any other American city except Houston. I even believe America’s first outdoor shopping center and first indoor mall were built here.

(I don’t have pictures of shopping malls, so imagine one yourself!)

Wanna know more about Texas? Check out this post:

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