With only a few days to go before the new year kicks off, I want to show you what 2014 has meant to me travel-wise. If you want the short answer: a lot. If you’re looking for the extended version: keep reading. I’ll tell you all about my most important and memorable travels in 2014.

1. Driving the Mille Miglia
You know how sometimes you get offered a once in a lifetime opportunity? Well, this was that opportunity for me. Driving the Mille Miglia – although not in an oldtimer, but in a very fancy Jaguar F-Type – was like a dream come true. The fact that I was a member of the Jaguar team – with Jay Leno, Brian Johnson and Jeremy Irons – made it all the more special. One thousand miles on little, often winding, roads between Brescia and Rome with thousands and thousands of people on the side of the road cheering… it was crazy. And unfortunately also very difficult to put in words how cool it was. Let me just show you.

Jaguar at Mille Miglia 2014, Italy

2. Scilly Island hopping
The Isles of Scilly, how extraordinary! Looking back on my trip in April, I can only feel thankful for getting the chance to explore these incredible islands. If you’ve never heard of Scilly: read my blogpost again! Beautiful, little, calm islands close to Cornwall. A little difficult to get to from Belgium (flight to London, flight to Cornwall, flight or boat to St. Mary’s), but it’s well worth it. Definitely the surprise/discovery of the year for me!

St. Agnes. Crazy beach.

3. New York in winter time
My travel year started in style! In New York to be more precise. And in a very cold and snowy New York. I had never been there before, for some reason, and now I felt like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. MAGIC!


4. Benin, land of voodoo
Traveling to West-Africa while ebola breaks out… Sometimes it’s better not to think about it. Although Benin still hasn’t seen one ebola case, so no worries there. Benin, what can I tell you? That it’s a shithole? It is true. But at the same time it’s authentic and interesting. And with its voodoo culture unlike anything I had ever seen before. I’m not sure I’ll go back any time soon, but my trip did leave a lot of marks on my soul.


5. Montenegro, European Middle-Earth
For my birthday I arranged a trip to Montenegro. And what a nice present that was! Montenegro is home to the second biggest canyon in the world and Europe’s most southern fjord. It’s such a beautiful and green country. I know I will go back there some day.


Also: I’m very thankful for getting the chance to see bits of Texas and Tennessee. I especially loved Dallas and Dollywood (more on that later)! Oh, and almost forgot: I was one of the 1.862 guests of the Bacardi Triangle party and festival in Puerto Rico. Unforgettable (although the alcohol ate a way a lot of those memories already)! What else? Dublin: cool, Newcastle: cool, driving a McLaren in Bordeaux: very cool, skiing in Val Thorens: sweet, …

I wonder what 2015 is gonna bring.

the.ego.tripper loves family resorts, bingo, kids peeing in the pool, breakfast buffets, hotel animation, tourist traps and group day tours.

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